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Company address database and ABUSE

          Do not hesitate to contact us if you have been the victim of a fraudulent payment from our website specialized in Company address database. In this case, take all the necessary measures to block the transactions carried out as well as access to the customer account concerned. To do so, contact us right now at support@business-email-database.com mentioning in the title FRAUDULENT PAYMENT and by sending us as much information as possible relating to the fraud of which you may have been the victim (Payment method / Amount / Transaction date / Bank Name / Civility and other contact details of the victim / etc.) in order to be able to immediately prohibit the cybercriminal from downloading the unduly ordered Company address database.

          Please note, however, that we are in no way responsible for this type of action and if the Company address database has already been downloaded during an order resulting from a fraudulent payment, no refund will be proceeded. In this case, your bank insurance will therefore take over in order to reimburse said fraudulent payment.

Thank you for your understanding.

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