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Email address database according to the general conditions of sale

1. All our services are offered to the Customer in electronic format only, the Customer is therefore responsible for downloading their databases by logging into the self-service system of their customer account.

2. The right to use the purchased data belongs only to the Customer, who pays for these services.

3. It is strictly forbidden to resell or allow access to the purchased data to third parties or to disseminate the data in any way.

4. Business-Email-Database.com Jack undertakes to provide the data to the Customer within 24 hours of receipt of payment (except in cases of force majeure).

5. A customer who has not received their purchased data agrees to notify Business-Email-Database.com within 5 days from the date of payment.

6. The Customer assumes full legal responsibility for any crime and/or any type of violation of the law with regard to the use of the information contained in the databases made available to him through the self-service system of his customer account.

7. Business-Email-Database.com provides data as it has been extracted via public sources on the Internet.

8. The customer has the right to require the specification of the purchased data in case the data contains more than 10% of records that do not correspond to the information disseminated through public sources on the Internet.

9. The service is considered as not provided and the money is refunded only in the event that the data, provided to the Customer after his request for clarification, still does not correspond to the quality criteria, set out in article 8 of these regulations.

10. By registering on this site, the customer agrees to receive advertisements related to updates to this site and the promotion of new offers.

11. ONE Marketing Sarl-Au, in accordance with the regulations in force in the Kingdom of Morocco imposed by Bank-Al-Maghrib, is limited to managing the said business-email-database.com website only in the event of orders being placed via payment methods other than those dedicated to crypto-currencies. However, when orders are placed via crypto-currencies, their payments will be managed directly by our partner located in France, in its capacity as sole legal owner of this website and main database provider for this online sales platform. It is also important to note that the domain name of this online store, whose .com extension is in international format, does not belong to ONE Marketing Sarl-Au, and that the website is hosted exclusively by NETIM Sarl on a server based in France.

In this context, it is strictly forbidden to register on this platform for any natural or legal person who is domiciled for tax purposes in the Kingdom of Morocco and whose country has been excluded, as a precautionary measure, from the choice of domicile available on the registration page. Therefore, it will be considered as a deliberate act, qualified as fraud or even cybercrime, any purchase allegedly made by one or more of the aforementioned persons, having deliberately resorted to the use of false information at the time of registration. In such cases, ONE Marketing Sarl-Au declines all responsibility for any direct or indirect consequences (regardless of the motivations of the alleged offender(s)) resulting from such actions and, consequently, from any failure to comply with the laws in force in the Kingdom of Morocco.

Furthermore, ONE Marketing Sarl-Au reserves the right to take legal action, if necessary, against any one who deceives or fails to comply with our terms and conditions of sale, which are accepted by right and without reservation upon registration on this website.

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